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“Any man that sees the pain on my face knows I wasn’t wearing a sportscup,” James Murphy, founder of Impact Gumshields, explains. He’s talking about the moment he’s writhing around in agony on the ground after being hit in the “nether regions” by a rugby ball. The pinpoint accuracy and speed of the ball is scary; it’s right on the money…but you’d expect nothing else from Ireland rugby international, Ian Madigan.

The concept is possibly not new, after all Homer Simpson felt Man Getting Hit By Football “worked on so many levels”. However this viral video is clever in how its gets across key brand attributes, its targeting of a niche market, and the product placement in the opening scene. What is also interesting from the interview is how James planned, created and distributed a short video that racked up 1 million plus views across YouTube and Facebook. It led to the successful launch of his new business. All with “zero marketing budget.”

James says they got lucky with the virality. I don’t think so. They combined a good idea with some clever planning to create a viral sensation which helped gain penetration in a mature market. James may not be fathering children anytime soon but at least his business is firmly on the up!

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To view the original Impact Gumshields video, click here.

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