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Are you contemplating adding a video to your website? We recommend that you do. A popular saying in the Olive Media offices is “a website is not a website without a video”. Why do we think this? Because consumers in the digital age do not want to wait for information.

Videos are extremely effective in the sense that web users are far more likely to watch a video then they are to read a large amount of text. A video can portray a company message within seconds in a pleasant and interactive way. A video also shows that you care, that you are passionate about what you do and that you want to be the answer to a consumers need.

However, there is another fundamental reason as to why videos are so important on a website. Because they are so attractive, and the propensity for people to watch them is very high, users stay on your website for longer. This means that your branding is being exposed to them for a longer amount of time and therefore will stay in their subconscious mind for a greater period. However, the whole time a user is on your site, Google and other search engine algorithms are reading this and beginning to understand that users are interested in what you have to offer. Google will then attach authority to your website which will push it higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Furthermore since Google purchased YouTube and integrated video into it’s generic search engine queries, having a video on your website alone – increases the likelihood of your business being found by the search engine.

Get in touch today so we can develop your website video with great content, to help improve your brand.

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