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 For many marketers the trade show is a great challenge, with pressure coming in from all sides. It takes months of detailed planning, lots of diplomacy and book-balancing skills in the build up to the big day. What’s more, you’ll be trying to impress the top brass who will be flying in from all over to be there. If the show goes well it will be a “great team effort”, if it’s a disaster, it’s your baby.

As the stand builds get under way, you’ll be checking out how the competition is getting on. This year they’re installing what seems like an endless array of plasmas and touchscreens on their stand. When did they get so sophisticated??!!? You’re staring at your one 32” screen and getting nervous about your content. Even though you spent days on that powerpoint presentation and hours figuring out how to loop it as a video you’ve got that sinking feeling it’s going to be the marketing managers show this year.

Ok, so to avoid all that anxiety, and ensure you put on an amazing audio visual show that’ll have the customers swarming (slowly gathering at least) and guarantee a pat on the back from the CEO, here are some tips to really capitalise on video before, during, and after a trade show.


You can use your website to promote your upcoming event in advance, display your video as an invitation to join in your journey through your website or through social media.

2.Short and snappy

While you may wish to have a video which details all the work you do, your values, testimonial, history etc. To attract people to your booth you will need to catch their attention quickly. Try to display your message in as brief a timeframe as possible. We’re talking seconds not minutes.

3.Visual spectacle

While your video might work well in an office with minimal interference and sufficient time, at a trade show you need to be aware that the noise levels tend to drown out your the audio. For this reason you should try to incorporate as much visual information as possible such as kinetic text or big bold animations to attract attention . Show, then tell once you have their attention.  

4.Get people involved

A fun way to keep people interested and get them to revisit your site after the event is to get people involved. This could mean having a production crew with you on the day to interview people and get some solid testimonials. Ask them to sign up with their email to receive a link to see themselves on TV! (laptop) This offers potential customers a much more personal experience.

5.Let’s get physical.

There are few different ways of sharing videos before and after an event. Most of them involve email, websites or social media. However, you could also consider handing out video cards to prospective clients. They cost less than you think and the added wow factor means they’re always shown around the offices where they land.

  6.The Professional Touch.

There are some great trade show videos out there which really capture the attention of viewers but there are also a lot of terrible ones. There are so many factors involved in creating excellent video content, get just one of these wrong and you could have a disaster on your hands. Hire a professional, the impression you leave potential customers with reflects the way you wish your business to be seen. If you want to be seen as a professional company you need a professional finish.
So there you have it, our top 6 tips to help you make the most of video at any trade show or conference.


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