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What’s the point?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘’why advertise on TV when most people these days use internet sites like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon prime to meet their viewing needs? Who even watches Live TV anymore?’ Well the truth is that Irish viewers actually watch more TV now than they did five years ago averaging at almost 4 hours per day.

While the internet can reach millions everyday from all corners of the globe you should probably ask yourself first, ‘Can I even sell to all corners of the globe?’ If your product or service is based locally and does not yet do, or ever plan to do business outside of the country then national broadcasts are the perfect place for your advertising needs.

Isn’t it expensive?

TV ads can cost hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) to produce and distribute, and let’s face it, most of us don’t have that lying around in our back pockets or hidden behind our couch cushions. But we’re not here to talk about how you can’t afford to advertise on TV we’re about to tell you how even on a tight budget you can distribute engaging, high quality advertising for TV.

First off, know your target market. There is no bigger waste than spending thousands advertising frequently during a time of day when your target market are nowhere near a TV. It is better to spend that money on a few ads during peak time. Invest in a bit of Market research.

Be aware that the longer the air time the more expensive it is so you need to make an impression in the shortest time possible with ads averaging at 30 seconds each. Especially if you wish to advertise during peak periods.


You need to know what your ultimate goal is. Do you want to create brand awareness? or do you have short term sales goals in mind like a Christmas or seasonal sale? Sponsorship slots which can be around 5-10 seconds are very cost-effective and can be placed for a longer period with limited budget. Check out this one we did for Chill insurance as an example. They wanted to short, funny sponsorship slots accompanying mid-week movies that brought their brand to life.

I’m no creative genius!

Some ads not only cost a lot to air they can also cost a lot to produce, from advertising agency fees, directors etc. It can seem like only the top dogs can afford innovative and engaging advertisements. But the truth is there are many visual styles that don’t come with such a hefty price tag such as whiteboard or other forms of animation. We put together this ad for Farmers Journal using a collection of still images and flat designs from their magazine which made it very cost-effective. With no filming, casting or onset production these ads are quick to turn around. You also don’t need to be a creative genius to find something that works, you just need a clear message and a reliable team to get people watching, talking and buying.


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